Welcome! Thank you for choosing Onda Bed & Breakfast. To ensure the safety and comfort of all of our guests who are staying with us, we have listed some basic rules to which you must agree before you will be allowed to check-in. These rules have been established in accordance with Italian law and necessitate your full compliance. Please take a moment to review them. Staying at the Onda B&B requires your signature indicating your acceptance of these rules. A copy of this information will also be given to you at check in and will be in your guest room upon arrival.


1. The Bed & Breakfast experience

Onda B&B is a private residence divided into two distinct areas:

  • (1) The B&B apartment area with common spaces including three guest rooms for the exclusive use of our guests;
  • and, (2) The owner’s private area for the exclusive use of the owner.

The B&B comprises a section of this private residence which is seasonally functioning as a B&B. This property is the owner’s permanent residence; therefore, in order to comply with local ordinances and laws in Italy where B&B’s are family owned and operated, our B&B includes breakfast.

2. Reservation

The rooms are booked according to availability. A 30% downpayment or “deposit” is required to hold your room at the time your reservation is made. The % is calculated on the total number of days / length of time you intend to book the room. Additional charges for rollaway beds or extra people will apply. B&Bs are not Hotels and by law cannot accept any credit cards, so you have two options regarding making the deposit on your reservation:

  • Paypal
  • Wire Transfer

Room availability, including the required deposit and the total anticipated cost for your intended stay with us will be confirmed by email. A final confirmation will be sent to you by email when your deposit is received.

3. Arrival Procedure

Bed & Breakfasts are family-owned and operated with no 24/7 reception service; therefore, our guests are strongly advised to confirm their arrival time by phone at least 24 hours in advance of their anticipated arrival.

If you drop-in without previously confirming your arrival time you may be confronted with unnecessary delays which do not entitle you to any reimbursement or other grievance options.

Payment in full is required at check-in. Should you depart earlier than your intended departure date, you will NOT be entitled to any refund.

In Italy, Bed & Breakfasts are family owned and must operate under State law; as such, they cannot accept credit cards. Cash ONLY.
Although a receipt for payment with your name and dates of your stay will be issued to you, the receipt cannot be used for tax purposes.
Upon check-in you will be given a room key which must be returned upon your departure. Failure to return your assigned room key or loss of this key will result in a charge of Euro 150.
For safety reasons, access to the premises is restricted ONLY to guests who have signed in with the B&B.
After the check-in paperwork has been completed on the day of arrival, the guest will be accompanied to his room and given a tour of the B&B.

4. Reservation Cancellation / Early Departure / NO Show

a) The guest will be refunded his deposit ONLY if he/she informs ( via: email ) the B&B of his cancellation 15 days before the arrival date;
b) The deposit will not be refunded if the guest fails to inform the B&B of their cancellation less than 15 days prior to their arrival;
c) Cancellation of any Reservation within 3 days of the designated reservation date will forfeit the entire deposit;
Early departure
If the guest must interrupt his stay for any reason, there will be NO refund issued to the guest.
No show
In case of a “No Show” in which you fail to arrive for your stay with our B&B, you will be charged the entire cost of your scheduled B&B reservation.

5. Arrival Time

Check-in Time : From 13:00 PM to 8:00 PM
Onda B&B must be informed about your arrival time if the guest will arrive earlier of after the posted Check-In Time.
Please call: +39 0932 239 133 or +39 393 964 6117
Check-out: Mandatory at 10:00 AM; however, we are willing to meet your needs for a later departure time if we are informed.

6. Breakfast

Breakfast will be served between the hours of 8:00 AM to 10:00 AM in the designated area of the B&B unless special arrangements are made.

7. Swimming Pool

Onda B&B’s guests do NOT have access to the swimming pool.

8. Luggage

Onda B&B declines any responsibility for the loss or damage to your valuables and/or property left in your room. The B&B doesn’t have a security system or security personal; therefore we strongly advise you to keep your valuables with you at all times and to NOT leave any of your personal items behind.

9. Housekeeping

Because of the water conservation policy in effect during summertime in Sicily, your bed sheets will be changed every 3 days and bath-towels will be changed every day. The housekeeping hours are from 10:00 to 1:30 daily. We would appreciate your attention to securing your own personal items out of the way so that housekeeping can proceed with their normal cleaning work.

10. WATER conservation policy (in Sicily, water is more precious than gold)

Please respect the following:
Use water responsibly and wisely;
Do not leave the tap running while brushing your teeth (you can save a cup to as much as nine liters each time)
Do not let the water run unnecessarily;
We are pleased to inform our guests that we care for the environment and to prove our point, YOUR hot water is generated by our solar panels.

11. Damages and Loss

Any accidents or damage to B&B furniture and structures must be reported and assessed for repair / replacement.

12. The Bed & Breakfast is a No Smoking area

Although you are allowed to smoke in the designated smoking areas with ashtrays.

13. Pets are not welcome

14. Onda B&B Rules

  • 1. Please do NOT prepare or consume your meals in the bedrooms;
  • 2. Please refrain from doing any act which is likely to cause a fire like using any heat-generating devices such as a heating apparatus, cooking appliances or irons in guest rooms;
  • 3. Please refrain from using your room for purposes other than lodging;
  • 4. Gambling or other acts which are contrary to good family values or which cause an annoyance to others are strictly prohibited;
  • 5. Please do not remove equipment or furniture from the B&B premises;
  • 6. Running, shouting, horseplay, and roughhousing are never acceptable behavior while on the Bed&Breakfast property. This includes hallways, lobby areas, stairwells, and the bedrooms;
  • 7. The use of “heelies” (roller skate sneakers), rollerblading, skate boards, roller skates, scooters, tricycles and bicycles are prohibited anywhere on the Bed and Breakfast property for the safety of all of our guests.

If a Guest does not comply with the House Regulations, the Onda B&B reserves the right to terminate their stay with NO refund.

The Onda B&B will not be held responsible to any Guest or other person for any damage caused by his/her failure to comply with these Regulations.
We thank you for choosing our hotel and wish you an happy holiday in our B & B.

Copyright by L' Onda B&B - C.F: GSTMNL30E62H163H

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